When a Feature Change Isn’t Better for Everyone

A case of how the Teamup team listened and responded to customer feedback on a new product feature

Last week we introduced the new look for events assigned to multiple calendars. We’re thrilled to receive feedback from countless enthusiastic users who love the new look.

“Love the new look for multiple calendars having the same event. Saves space on my calendar! We are loving the calendar for our organization. It is saving us tons of emails and bringing the whole organization on the same page. Don’t know how we survived without it. Thank you!”
– Jonathan Torres, Vice President/COO, Memphis Athletic Ministries

While the majority have been very pleased with the change, a surprising number of users raised issues with the new display and many went to great details explaining why the previous display with multiple single colored event entries worked better for their use cases.

We listened to all feedback carefully and agreed that there are many advantages of the previous look. After all, there are a million ways to use Teamup! We quickly decided to bring back the previous look and make it configurable. Our engineers worked hard and delivered at speed once more: A new version of Teamup has been released. Now the calendar administrator can choose the preferred look in Settings > General Settings:

Consequently, events assigned to multiple calendars can now be displayed in either a single box with colored stripes or multiple single colored boxes.

It’s your choice: Either a single box with multiple colored stripes or multiple single colored boxes

Please note the default is set to the single box with stripes. If you prefer the multiple boxes, you can change it at any time in Settings (accessible via administrator links only). Also note that on the mobile apps, only multiple boxes will be shown for events assigned to multiple sub-calendars.

We love to hear from you! As always, our customer feedback drives our product development. Thank you for your contribution to making Teamup better!

Originally published at blog.teamup.com on Mar 7, 2017.