How Advanced HR Tech Can Help You Market Yourself As Most Preferred Employer!

(By : Prateek Sharma )

An organization can devise the best of branding strategies to market itself as one of the most reputed and renowned brand. But, all efforts can go in vain if you fail to deliver as an extraordinary employer in front of your workforce.

To make your brand a big success, you need to on-board certain practices that well demonstrate what your company stands for and how it lives it out as a great place to work.

With the shifting paradigms of workplace cultures, it has become more critical for HR departments to get as strategic as they can. Nowadays an organization’s brand image is not just what its catchy jingle or tagline defines, employees and clients have become more conscious about whether the company practices what it promotes or not!

In this more sophisticated and highly tech savvy era, employer brands are generally categorized on the basis of technology they take in use. Thus, since your entire brand image now rests on technology aspects, you have to be technologically advanced when it comes to managing your workforce also.

Using an advanced HR technology may benefit you in more than a single aspect and help you develop your brand as a great employer:

Practice What You Preach:

For any existing employee or job aspirant, it is very important that the company demonstrates itself as a transparent employer. Communicate exactly what your corporate policies state and how closely they are followed. Your HRMS must clearly mention your polices and other rules for employees in order to bring more clarity.

Let Others Show You the Mirror:

No approach can be more beneficial to improve yourself as is the feedback process. Using the technology and different social media and other platforms, employers can get their real feedback as to where they are heading and thus, can find the loopholes in their strategies and key areas that need to be taken in consideration.

Analyze and Evaluate Your Success:

Your software is a tell-all platform and you can see multiple aspects of your workforce, polices, performance as well as opportunities through the single interface. This will help you mend your brand image as well as formulate strategies for enhancing employee engagement, motivation and productivity.

Healthy Workplace Culture is the Key:

To attain new heights, you need to have a workforce that is ready to work hand in hand. With geographically distributed workforce, there is a need to bring entire workforce over a single platform that can break the silo and help them interact, share things and socialize with each other. These tools play a vital role in strengthening trust among the workforce towards each other as well as towards the organization.

Therefore, many perceive marketing and Workforce Management as two set apart organizational departments, but the fact is that workforce management is the most vital tool to market yourself as a great employer and develop your employer brand. Being handy with latest HR tools and technologies just lets you stay ahead of the curve and position yourself as one of the most preferred employers.

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