How Strategic HR

Can Mould

The Future Of HR ?

Today’s marketplace is dynamic for HR as tenures of leaders are becoming shorter and project implementation cycles are shrinking. HR leaders are expected to support organizational goals and help teams achieve business outcomes as quickly as possible doing more with less.

The HR of next-gen need to go beyond the back office operational HR practices and drive business efficiencies through applying the HR practices to business strategy making. This will help organizations draw out more and more from employees that will effectively turn human capital into a true revenue enabler.
To accomplish this, there is a need for HR pros to get more strategic in their planning and execution by adopting HR tech solutions. Following suggestions might help –

Get Free From Tedious Data Entry Jobs With Employee Self Service

Employee self-service portals enable employees to update their contact data, benefits information, and other personal information online with their ease of using it from anywhere. Moreover, there are multiple options available which can be used to reduce manual processes all across the organization. For instance, there’s a growing trend in the widespread use of employee mobility tools that support a global workforce, remote workers, and allows them to perform HR related tasks from anywhere, anytime.. Organizations that have implemented these tools in their work culture report a high level of employee satisfaction.

Time & Payroll/ Keep Yourself and Your Employees Updated with Minute Details Related to Time & Payroll

Employee time reporting and payroll management are two major components in any company. These aspects drive the key functions such as task scheduling, payroll processing, and compliance with the latest tax requirements. But manually handling these processes is really a headache and time-consuming which increase the risk of errors too. Adding to this, technology can simplify labor cost planning and controls, increase communication, reduce administrative costs, and overall productivity.

Reporting and Analytics/ Know Your Employees Better Through Reports and Analytics

Human resource information is considered as a critical input for major business planning activities right from forecasting budget to the year-end financial reporting. But still there has been a constant challenge for supervisors and managers to gain access to this kind of actionable data. New technologies can make it easier to collect data, present and analyze information, and execute it in a more effective manner. By making use of a customized and integrated HR solution, managers are able to access customized reports, standard templates and centrally managed employee records.

Develop Data-Based Strategies

Assessing emerging HR trends is crucial to forecast business goals but actions and policies are better to be drawn out from the organizational data that is collected and managed centrally. With the help of data collected through an Integrated HR Solution, HR pros and managers can easily frame their future endeavors. This will eventually help in the smooth working of all business processes having met the current goals optimally.
With the aid of technology, HR can rapidly evolve into a strategic partner; enhance its credibility and push the boundaries beyond core HR tasks towards organizational decision making and other strategic areas. At the end of the day, if HR and technology really start collaborating, business processes can effectively be streamlined and run in a better way.
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