How Technology Is Helping Recruiters And Not Replacing Them ??

With technology advancing every now and then, many tech gurus claim that technology will replace each and everything! But that’s not true for every case. In terms of recruiting a candidate, technology can help recruiters make better decisions and free them up from tedious mundane tasks.

Today, recruitment processes have also gone up to the level of some high end tech processes. Hiring managers use data analytics and algorithms to match candidates with organizational needs or even which candidates are most likely to leave the organization.

Many believe that the technology can enhance the way recruiting processes are being performed, but this does not entail that it will replace the recruiters. The tech advancements are being introduced to simplify the tedious job and to support the recruiters in getting the related or back end tasks done automatically and efficiently.

Human Aspect is Required : Obviously candidates don’t want to get judged and hired by machines and thus, no matter how much the technology advances, it can never replace the human aspect. It’s a 2-way process, like candidates have to sell themselves in front of the recruiters; recruiters also need to sell the employer brand to these individuals.

Recruiting Decisions Do Need Intuitions : You can filter out the best candidates through different tech items, but bringing these candidates to the organizational level and filling critical positions entirely depend on the interpersonal skills of recruiters and the interactions they had with the interviewees. Only the hiring manager can determine if the particular individual will fit perfectly in the organizational culture or not.

Internal Switching and Employee Referrals : Maximum companies try to use their workforce for maximum tasks and still prefer internal hirings or hiring through employee referrals instead of getting an unknown resource, unless you want a particular skill in the candidate.

Technology Making Things Better : Instead of replacing workers, technology is helping them do their jobs better. With proper Recruitment Management Systems, one can easily post vacancies on job boards and schedule the interview programs. It also maximizes your outreach to the talent pool making it easier to attract more qualified individuals.

Tech Solutions to Make Strategic Recruitments : By using the right software solutions, you automate the tasks that only consume your time and can be done better through these tech solutions. By doing so, you make yourself free from tedious tasks and can concentrate better on the tasks that need your in-person skills and abilities. It enables you to focus more on strategy, building employee relationships and find candidates who best fit your organizational needs.

Thus, it is not that the technology cuts down a recruiter’s job, it just helps him do his job more effectively giving better outcomes as well! A Recruitment Management System is necessary to make the preliminary tasks like job boarding, interview scheduling, resume filtering, etc. get done automatically helping recruiters concentrate more on judging the short-listed candidates.

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