In the book, “The Great Gatsby”, Fitzgerald seems to be hinting at the fact that relationships back in the 1920’s were extremely fragile and that most people who married didn’t really like each other and was only in it for the personal gain. The relationship between Tom and Myrtle is toxic because both Tom and Myrtle are cheating on their spouses. Myrtle and George’s relationship seems very over protected and empty. George is always trying to make sure Myrtle is always doing as she’s told. Nick and Jordan are the only decent couple compared to everyone else, but Nick is still cheating on a girl back in his hometown that he is still dating and didn’t break up with. They’re only together casually and don’t really seem to be together for the love. Daisy and Gatsby’s relationship is extremely desperate, especially on Gatsby’s end. They used to be past lovers before Daisy got tired of waiting for Gatsby to get back from the war and decided to marry Tom instead. Gatsby wants things to go back to how they were between them because he only really throws those parties for Daisy in hopes to impress her and get her to like him again. Yet she seems only regretful for leaving Gatsby because of all of the wealth he has and she missed out on all of it. Which brings me to my final point, Tom and Daisy’s relationship is absolute garbage. Tom goes out and openly hooks up with other girls and dates them while he forces his wife, Daisy to take care of their kid and never spends anytime with them due to him always being out. They have no love between each other whatsoever and are in a completely toxic relationship.

The thing I value the most in a relationship is loyalty to each other and having a sort of reliability on the other person. I don’t want to always have to worry about my significant other going off and finding some other guy to hook up with and either abandon me or not tell me and do it behind my back. It is the worst feeling in the world when your significant other cares more about what others are thinking about them and not at all any of the attention you give them. I also want to be able to be reliable to whoever I’m with. I don’t want to be untrustworthy and unreliable because then it eventually gets to the point where you don’t need your partner for anything and you are completely independent. It is good to be independent, but personally, I don’t believe you should completely live life without having to depend on the person you love. Having a real love between one another and being able to solve problems that come is also extremely important and can make or break a relationship. If you’re even having doubts about the person that you may like or in a relationship with, it will eventually resurface and become an issue and “boil over” and will end the relationship between you two. Making sure that what you feel is real love and not just short-term infatuation with them is critical. Knowing that no matter what, you will trudge through thick and thin with them and you will still love them at the end of the day. Lastly, being able to solve conflict with one another without holding grudges or breaking apart is very important to me. I don’t want to ignore an obvious problem and try to move on because it will eventually come back to you and cause a huge problem. Being able to solve it then and there and both being happy shows that you guys can handle solving bigger and more important problems together later in life.