Teaser Tales
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Teaser Tales

Three people, two well-muscled men (afro-caribbean) look at the female (caucasian, blonde) in front of them, she wears a skimpy red summer dress and touches the front of their trousers
Photo by BlackonBlondes.com

A Ho To A Housewife

Many men have attempted to transform a straight-up, unabashed, shameless Ho into a Housewife. This delicate process requires the patience of Job and the forgiveness of Jesus.

In my case, the irony of Tessa, who is now my wife, I assisted in turning this sweet co-ed into a Ho in the first place. Years ago Tessa had a huge crush on yours truly. However, I had a girlfriend…



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Timothy Kincaid

Writer of Erotic & Romantic Fiction/Lover Not A Fighter/Former Account Executive/Self-Published/Author Page https://www.amazon.com/author/timothykincaid