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One of my favorite pictures of Marissa — Pexels

I Didn’t Drink Alcohol Last Year [But I’m Still Hot]

“You didn’t drink alcohol at all?! You look hot!”


There’s this girl I met recently, Marissa. I’m super sad because she ghosted me on our fourth date when I offered her to join me for my Monday evening bowling relax session. Her last message was:

“I can’t come on Monday because I’m hot. Don’t ask for more details. You wouldn’t understand.”

I thought it was a bit stiff from her side and sent her a long voicemail that she didn’t listen to the last time I checked. I sent it two months ago and checked for the last time this morning (at 9:23 am).

I also checked at 6:12 am, but that didn’t count because it was too early.

Marissa told the truth in her last text. She’s hot. There’s no denying that when I first saw her at yoga, I was impressed. In a good way. In a “would you like to grab an orange-flavored decaf from Morocco after the class?” way.

She said yes.
She even smiled.
She was violet cute.
And I was red as a rose.

The first date went well. We talked about the new Lululemon yoga pants with pockets she had bought the day before and was wearing that day. She was super excited about the pockets.



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