Teaser Tales
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Teaser Tales

Attractive woman, model, long blonde hair, red lingerie, chunky necklace, lies on her side
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Teaser | Temptation

Making Sure Dirty Blondes Have More Fun

A Hot Woman who Knows what she Wants may be His Kryptonite

At a party, our hero is accosted by a woman. She is stacked, with curves in all the right places, better still she has her sights set on him, and she lets him know what’s on her filthy mind.



Find short stories, each containing a link to full length erotica from many writers and publications on Medium. If you would like to contribute, please read the guidelines and contact us via the comments section of that post.

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Posy Churchgate - Writes & Edits Fiction

Freelance writer — erotic, romance, supernatural, chiller, YA * Edits : TantalizingTales*Teaser Tales* Based in UK