#Prodmgmt Twitter Chat: How Product Management Varies in Different Regions [Recap]

On August 15th and 16th, Brandon Luong hosted a Twitter chat event on how product management varies across different regions and cities. Since I work in Salt Lake City, Brandon works in New York City, and many of the folks discussing product management (like mutual friend Alicia Dixon) live elsewhere, we decided to write some questions about how our locales differed.

This chat was seriously fun. Here are some highlights of what we discovered in this chat…

Q1 In the city where you work, how many years does it take to be considered “experienced” in #prodmgmt?

Brandon and Jason discussed New York City…

Adam steps in to answer for Vancouver, BC…

Q2 In the city where you work, what are the core qualities that get you hired as a product manager? #prodmgmt

Q3 Do you ever travel to attend #prodmgmt, #mtkg, #UX, #Agile, events? Which events and what cities?

Q4 Your #prodmgmt mentors and fav bloggers…do they live in your current city or somewhere else?

Q5 How does #UX design differ in the city you work in, compared to SV, SF, NY, London, ATX, etc.?

Q6 Which cities have the friendliest and least friendly #prodmgmt communities?

How fun was this chat? Check out all of these folks on Twitter. They’re such great people to know.

You can catch #prodmgmt chat every Tuesday at 8pm EST.