Digital design alternatives to Sketch — What else is out there?

Geeta Patel
Oct 30, 2019 · 4 min read

Sketch is a design tool used by many developers around the world. However, despite it being so popular, it does have its limits. We’ve put together some alternatives so you can decide which one could work best for you!


As a web-based interface design tool, Figma provides much convenience to its users. Unlike Sketch, which runs solely on the Mac operating systems, Figma’s ability to operate on browsers allows its users to access their works easily on any device.

Such features make Figma a great choice for team collaboration. As changes are saved automatically, it allows teams to work together in real time. This is exceptionally helpful for international teams whose members are in different time zones. Moreover, the comment section enables collaboration seamlessly and encourages cross-checking.

Uniformity is another advantage in Figma. The online tool takes away the trouble of having to sync after corrections are made. Users can also create and share reusable elements as well as colors and styles to ensure consistency across the project.


Vectr is another online graphics software. One great thing about Vectr is that it is completely free and can be accessible on any browsing systems. Thus, this tool gives its users the flexibility of budget and time. On top of that, it is also extremely beginner-friendly. The structure is simple and clear, somewhat similar to the classic Windows paint software. Additionally, each feature is explained and illustrated in the careful tutorials for new users.

Similar to Figma, Vectr offers “real-time collaboration” feature, which allows teams to work together on the project at the same time. Thus, it brings forth the same advantages like seen in Figma, in terms of team collaboration.

Like the name suggests, the works in Vectr created are vector images, meaning they remain high quality regardless of sizes. This is a helpful feature as it gives users the freedom to resize their projects.

However, due to its simplicity, Vectr does not provide as many extensive tools as the paid softwares such as: Inkscape and Adobe Illustrator. Another disadvantage of Vectr is its saving process. Its inability to save locally is, in fact, the main dissatisfaction for the majority of the customers.


Often praised as one of the best vector designing tools on the market, Affinity Designer offers a professional graphic design service at a reasonable price. Unlike Adobe with the monthly payments, Affinity Designer charges upfront for its software. The highest program falls at $49.99, which is significantly lower that Sketch at $99.

Affinity Design is feature-rich with the combination of niche tools as well as basic editing ones. This allows great flexibility for professional designers whilst remaining user-friendly to the amateurs.

A remarkable feature in this program is the Pixel Persona. As a vector designer software, Affinity Designer utilizes the advantages of the vector technology. Yet, it still embraces the handiness of pixel editing. This unique ability enables users to open a different tab and use Pixel tools which further increases flexibility and simplifies workflow for users.


Inkscape is another well-known vector graphics software. Can be downloaded for free on various platforms makes Inkscape an amazing alternative for the pricey graphic programs like Adobe and Sketch.

Not only is Inkscape a cross-platform software, it is also open source, which enables users to develop and change it, if needed. Inkscape’s functionalities are also extensive and are made even more accessible with the use of nodes. This feature allows users to easily alter previously made shapes and lines without tampering with their quality.

Another advantage of this program is that it is light on the system, which takes away the worries on CPU or memory usage. For this reason, Inkscape is more suitable for smaller scale works.

With all these great options, we’re sure your design needs will be met!

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