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Apple Intelligence and You

I bet most viewers missed the most important part of this

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Apple stock dropped about 2% during the WWDC Keynote. This reaction indicates that investors didn’t hear what they expected; they likely wanted something similar to Microsoft’s recent presentation of CoPilot+ PC machines. Investors have correctly realized that Apple did not do what Microsoft has done with AI. (update: shares were strongly up the next morning)

However, Apple did something better.

Instead of tying ChatGPT to their apps as Microsoft apparently has, Apple integrated ChatGPT with Siri as an option — “Do you want me to send this to ChatGPT?” This is smart because it allows Apple to easily sever this tie as Apple Intelligence evolves.

Although it wasn’t entirely clear how much more intelligent Siri will be this fall, it seems clear that Siri will have enhanced capabilities, all linked to App Intents. App Intents, an API present for several years that gives Siri internal access to apps, has been largely ignored by developers until now.

I don’t think developers will continue to ignore it.

Investors may have missed the significance of Siri’s ability to draw from multiple apps to make decisions. As I have…



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