Apple Put Two of My Suggestions Into iOS 18

You can thank me later

Cartoon man waving “Thank You” signs with ”You” crossed out and replaced with “Me”
AI image by ChatGPT from my prompt

Nope, not kidding, two things I suggested at Apple Product Feedback will be coming to iOS 18. Yes, it was maybe me and a million other people, but you can’t prove that, so I’m going to say I was the only one and you owe me.

You owe me big time. I didn’t just scrawl a barely literate sentence or two; I presented a structured argument for the inclusion of these two features. I fully explained why each feature is important and how it would benefit me and others. I worked hard, put in the time, put in the effort.

I sold it hard, baby.

Let me explain these two features, just in case you sneezed when they were talking about them and your Significant Other gave you that “Why did I ever think you were human?” look and made you go wash your hands while the live show was on, for crying out loud!

Workout pause

I have an unbroken record of 1537 days for meeting my Move Goal. I do not want to lose that recognition as a superior (yet modest) human who exercises daily.

My true record is much longer but was ruined because I left my watch at home one day and by the time I dragged my exhausted body home I was too tired to meet my goal and didn’t know I…



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