Artificial Intelligence Is Already Taking Jobs and Reducing Salaries

Don’t believe the nonsense from the naysayers

Cartoon of a robot indicating that an office worker should leave his chair.
AI image by ChatGPT from my prompt

I bet you’ve read plenty of “Don’t worry!” stories about AI taking jobs. These stories tell you that it won’t happen because these machines aren’t that good. Or because they sometimes hallucinate. Or if they are any good, thousands of new jobs will spring up because of it.


Let’s check around a bit. This story tells us about a guy who had a job leading more than 60 writers and editors writing blog posts for a big company. He still has a job at the company but the rest of his team do not.

His new job is to edit what the AI system produces.

The article also says that editing jobs like this are becoming common and pay about half what a writing job would pay. So most of the writers are jobless and a few get to work for less money. Those are the “new jobs created by AI”.

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