Chia seeds and My Other Brains

Do You Ever Think About how your brain works? Or your phone?

Two shelves in our pantry. The top shelf shows flour, paper straws, and oatmeal. below is baking soda, chia seeds, vitamins , quinoa, and some empty plastic containers
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The three shelves on the right wall of our pantry hold many of our most commonly accessed items. That makes sense; reaching to the right is easy for a right handed person.

There are two things there that I grab every morning. Chia seeds go with my morning mix of nuts and fruit; oatmeal is needed an hour or so later. Going to get either one of them usually causes identical uncertain hand movements, a bit of hovering as some part of my brain tries to grab what I want.

You’ve probably heard the expression “Walk too close to a habit and it will bite you”. Something similar is happening here, except there are two habits competing with each other. One wants the bag of chia seeds, the other wants the container of oatmeal. That’s what causes the hesitation as I reach into the pantry. Some part of my brain is trying to figure out which one I want.

Have I forgotten? No, I, the inner I, the driver, the boss, knows which one and has given an order to get it. Walking to the pantry, opening the door, and turning to reach in is all on autopilot — the underpart of my brain can handle all that easily.



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