I Would Have Loved The iPadOS 18 Calculator in High School!

My jaw dropped when I saw this

Screenshot of Apple’s iPadOS 18 Preview page with the graphing/handwriting capable calculator shown
Screenshot of Apple’s iPadOS 18 Preview page

Way back in the sixties, I took a High School math class called something like “Calculus and Analytic Geometry”. The course was a bit painful for me because my mind does not visualize dimensions easily. I cannot easily see a graph in my mind when I look at an equation and plotting it out on paper is annoyingly laborious.

My two dimensional brain flashed back to plotting functions when Apple showed off their iPadOS calculator during the WWDC24 Keynote. Imagine beginning to learn Calculus with this calculator. Write the function on the screen and watch it graphed! Change some variables and see the change!

I can imagine my Math teacher being stunned by this — we were a long walk away from it back then. Though she might have considered that cheating. She’d have been wrong if she did: a tool like this would give some students a quicker and deeper appreciation for higher math and would make it far less painful for others.

Yes, I know there have been graphing calculators for years. Have any combined hand-written input with graphing? If so, I never saw it. Either way, having this on my iPad is exciting — not that I have any need to graph functions at this time of my life, but simply…



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