Is Apple Truly Worried About User Security in Europe or Are They Just Fighting Dirty?

What a mess!

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The news this morning told me that Apple will not be releasing Apple Intelligence, iPhone Mirroring and SharePlay Screen Sharing in the EU this year. That’s an unexpected shock sure to upset millions of Apple users in European countries.

Apple says that they are concerned about user security. That could only mean that they feel Europe’s DMA would force them to allow competitors to install similar services on Apple devices and those competitors might siphon off data that customers might prefer to keep secret.

It’s not B.S.

This is a legitimate concern — Google might love to replace Apple
Intelligence with their own version and slurp up all that juicy user information for themselves.

The question is, should users have that choice? If customers know — or at least should know — that installing certain software might violate their privacy, should they be able to? Maybe they would think the Google version will be smarter, will offer more features. Maybe they would feel the trade-off is worth it.

Maybe it would be.




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