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Lost in the words

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Yesterday I listened to this podcast from the Accidental Tech Podcast. Although the hosts can get quite techy, I can usually follow along and understand what they are getting at. This podcast, however, was an interview with two people who work on Apple’s Swift compiler team.

Compilers, if you don’t know, are what takes the code programmers type and turns it into the apps you and I use. I know there is even deeper voodoo in the coding world, but this stuff can be pretty murky.

I wasn’t entirely at sea. They were mostly talking about Swift Concurrency features.


Panic not. Concurrency features stop parts of a program from bumping into each other and messing things up. Think of airplanes and runways: somebody has to stop the planes from trying to use the runways at the same time, right?

I understand this, but only in the context of using locks in C forty years ago. I have no experience on anything between then and now, and that’s what they were talking about. I wasn’t exactly baffled; I think I did gain a little knowledge that I didn’t have going in.




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