Microsoft’s Greed Has Been Exposed But There Will Be No Consequences

Lame excuses and corporate shields will prevail

An ominous image highlighting corporate greed and security negligence. In the foreground, a slightly ajar secure vault door is spilling out dollar bills, symbolizing greed. In the background, a shadowy figure, representing a hacker, manipulates data on a computer screen displaying a government building icon.
AI image by ChatGPT from my prompt

I hope you’ve read the ProPublica article about Microsoft ignoring a major security flaw because admitting it would have jeopardized a fat government contract. Choosing greed over security allowed Russian hacks of government agencies, including the Nuclear Security Administration, the Treasury Department, and email accounts.

Andrew Harris, the former Microsoft employee who squealed to ProPublica, said he wanted this vulnerability exposed but was blocked everywhere he turned. He said that what seems to be the final refusal came from Mark Morowczynski, whose LinkedIn profile says he is (and was) the “Principal Product Manager at Microsoft focusing on Identity Access Management, Security, and a touch of MacOS/iOS in the enterprise.”

Harris says it was Morowczynski who refused to allow the necessary software fix.

According to Harris, Morowczynski’s second objection revolved around…



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