Unraveling Apple’s Somewhat Confusing AI Announcements

On-device, Private Computing Cloud, ChatGPT, what?

A brawny iPad refuses entry to older iPhones at the AI Party Shack
AI image by ChatGPT from my prompt

This post is a little long but should be easy for anyone to understand. Roz Warren, Writing Coach, might enjoy it because it mentions libraries.

What is Apple up to with IOS 18 and Apple Intelligence? They made a deal with ChatGPT but they are not using it themselves, only providing a free way for you to use it anonymously. They have Private Cloud Computer (PCC) servers but limit all AI to iPhone 15 Pro and M-series iPads/Macs and beyond.

I can make some guesses about why. These are SWAGs — Scientific Wild Ass Guesses, useful only to get a feel for the what and why.

On-Device LLM’s Vs. Machine Learning

Since 2017, Apple have had the so-called Neural Engine chips to do “Machine Learning” — ML for short. We casually refer to both ML and LLM’s as Artificial Intelligence, but ML is very much High School while LLM’s are advanced degrees.

ML has given us things like Face ID and Augmented Reality. LLMs gave us ChatGPT and its competitors.

Apple Intelligence



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