Food and Tech

What about food and tech?

It’s about our future combining food and tech. It’s about how we change the way we eat, produce and monitor food. By combining food and the tech, there are no boundaries of what we may achieve. We could improve in many different fields with food and tech.

What would improve? What kind of tech?

Improvements everywhere, improvements around us, improvements to satisfy our needs in our quest for a better livelihood for all of us.

There should be countries who should improve with their population. Countries should improve by the people who are innovative.

It is innovation that drives us further in time, a better time for our civilization. As fast and stable the innovation keep us going there shall be improvements all around us, for them who embrace innovation and are reasonable with it.

As countries improve, improvements are made within the cities, and within the cities, there are people who work for getting their ideas to be realistic. These ideas may be groundbreaking by changing the way we occupy us when we eat or make our food.

Ideas like food printers

To have a food printer in your home at these days is a rare opportunity for some and expensive. The beginning of 3D printers has already started. But for food printers we are not there yet where it is a regular commodity.

When it gets to be a regular merchandise in our homes is not that far away. Companies have already started to develop food printers.

It’s a question about perfection, to print out a better looking digestible meal, either as a snack or breakfast in the morning.

I think we should see printers with the ability for us to taste, yes when you see a commercial on the Internet or TV and is about food, you could just print out a tasting sample to taste how the commercial is. That’s tasting.

Ideas like a modern agriculture

A modern agriculture shall keep us alive. This modern agricultural system shall keep us healthy and supply us with enough food. As time goes, innovative agriculture ideas shall modernize the whole system of generating food to our civilization.

By tech, agriculture will get better, but by time, because technology is an expenditure for the agriculture environment. When timing is right, the price for this technology shall drop significantly, and we can improve our agriculture everywhere.

Ideas like a system that monitors food

A system for the groceries and its customers. A system that alerts customers or charity organisations about that there is food that closes in expired date. I mean instead of throwing it, just give it away to someone who needs it, with a discount if necessary. An easy way for someone to do this is by developing an app, that alerts.

A personal system that’s monitoring what you eat. You get all information about everything you eat through sensors in your home that are connected to your smart device. You will get everything in details if you want, what kind and how much nutrition you are eating.

Food and tech possibilities for everyone involved. For everyone who wants to be a part of the food and tech revolution. A change in our time, that shall save us from the shortage of food. It’s in the human talent of how we innovate that shall save us.
We should encourage and influence those who want be them who are the innovators.

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