Permanent Tech

What becomes the regular tech, meaning what becomes permanent?

What is the regular and permanent tech?

It is technologies that become ordinary to use by us. Technologies in every sector of what exist. Every new technology that are being invented and are being used over time. The technology we already have like smartphones is permanent tech, for now.

Technologies are here to stay, there is a period line of different technologies that are here for some time, then either gets improved or gets out of date. Of course, there is a difference between different tech of what stays here longer than other types of tech.

If you draw lines of our period from years to years, then add major technologies that have made the most impact on us, on how long they have stayed, you will get a summary of what is or what was permanent tech.

How do they do it?

They, they are all the industries, they are all the people who have a eureka moment, the moment of innovation created by people.
They are doing it by creating something we need, something that is useful, something technological.
They do it because they see a problem with a solution they have. They do it because they can.
You create permanent tech by having a perspective of what consumers wants.

What is here to stay?

Smartphones are here to stay, for now. The same with tablets, personal computers, smart watches and everything else we use today over a period of the years. Streaming entertainment is here to stay. Electric vehicles are here to stay.

Calculations and processing a large amount of data are here to stay. Advanced computing is here to stay.

Digital information is here to stay; information on the Internet distributed is permanent.

What about gadgets/smart devices?

Gadgets/smart devices in different categories are here to stay. Gadgets are smart devices. Smart devices are everyday objects improving our days. Smart devices shall appear suddenly and anywhere. Some smart devices shall spring out and become daily used objects by most of us who are interested. Smart devices created by small companies suddenly becomes mainstream, and the small company suddenly becomes a large firm. These large firms will affect us more than we know now, they will become a part of our days with smart objects.

Are industries affecting permanent tech?

The mobile industries are one of them who will affect the way we use devices; this industry has already created permanent tech, and it shall continue to do so further in time. In general, the whole tech industry is affecting permanent tech from small to big companies.

It’s about how and what’s their purpose in this whole big game of competition, is their purpose to sell most? YES. Is their purpose to improve? YES, I hope so. It’s about improving everything that is necessary to make sure our ability to move forward as a civilization.

What may change? Permanent tech becomes out of date?

Smart-phones shall stay here until the day we innovate something similar that shall take over what we call smartphones.

Technologies of what we see and use today shall stay the same until we improve them.

The Internet may change in some way, the Internet is like a road full of holes that need repairs all the time someone said. The digital data or information on the Internet will not change but is how we use and access the internet that will change.

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