Psychology and Traffic

Psychology and traffic behaviour

Our behaviour in traffic is deceptive. A person in a traffic situation can easily get angry. Angry, frustrated or just tired of driving in traffic.
There are many different reasons why a person gets frustrated in traffic. It can be somebody else’s fault or yourself’s bad decisions.

Since the car was invented for the first time and a lot of cars suddenly begun to appear on the roads everywhere, we got traffic.
Traffic in different sizes, traffic enough to trigger your negative impulses and for you to make bad decisions. Decisions based on your negative feelings is not always good.

We see this “triggered negative feelings” all the time on roads. When you are driving or are being a passenger on a car, try to see the reactions of someone else in a car when they are making some changes when driving on the road, changes that can be frustrating.
It is just frustrating to move on to the next lane when there is a lot of traffic because you don’t want to hit another car and make an accident.
We get a moment of a stressed situation before to do a manoeuvre in the traffic, for an example that you are not fast enough to move. We get stressed by each other in traffic, its persons against persons and not vehicles.
It is this that I found interesting because this is something we are experiencing in this period of the decade with regular transportation vehicles, The psychology in traffic.

Is “psychology in traffic” a term we would stop using? Is it a term for today and not for “tomorrow’s” next big leap in transportation.

The transportation industry will change our behaviour in traffic by innovation. We can already see this innovation, its self-driving-cars.
When self-driving-cars becomes the thing, you use as your transportation method when it becomes the preferred way instead of regular cars, the impacts of this towards how we will behave and act as people will change significantly. We will become more “normal” than usual.

Self-driving-cars will save us from negative impulses. Of course, what I mean is that when self-driving-cars becomes safer than if a person should be driving, then we should be saved from frustration, anger and bad decisions. Self-driving-cars becomes our unconscious vehicle therapist. If a traffic accident should happen with these “vehicle therapists”, you can not blame the person sitting in the car, you can only blame the digital system that drives the car and you will get insurance money fast because it was a malfunction.

Analyse and Predict

Data Collection of the traffic. To predict better traffic.
By collecting all kind of data you can get from traffic, the possibilities of using this data are better than before. The innovation in this field is already happening. Companies across the globe are being started to tackle the amount traffic that are increasing. Not just increasing traffic, but also safety and environmental questions.

There are also companies being started to improve our roads. Future roads with built in electricity so that cars can drive as the battery charges.
Equipment to measure traffic is being developed as we speak, so are also the vehicles we are going to use. With measurement equipment/tools on the streets/roads, combining this with the measurement equipment in the vehicles, you will get a combination that is of importance.
Important for us to be safe on the streets, to get home or other places in time so that autonomous vehicles can read the data.

Self-driving-cars will use the data that have and are being collected over time to behave better in traffic. Imagine enough data to cover all the driving patterns that exist when it comes to driving cars, that includes positive and negative patterns.
With all the patterns that exist, you can be safe in an autonomous vehicle.
When we get the 5th generation of mobile networks or 5G, the changes get even better. Everything connected gets more reliable.

How will the next type of traffic look like?

The next type of traffic will look a lot like what we have today. We would add something to it. Adding technologies. There will be sensors everywhere that are measuring everything and keeps us safe from the traffic when we are walking the streets. Sensors to keep vehicles safe from each other. Sensors for measuring the best way to guide the traffic.
Streets/roads with electricity to power cars and bicycles. Our vehicles will change and get new technologies for a modern traffic system.

In general the whole traffic situation we see today will change in the coming years, step by step. Many things are dependent upon each other. Technologies need to evolve; it needs to be developed and tested. Technologies and solutions are separated until they meet.

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