The movement of human arms, making anything possible by robotics, And A.I.

Exactly the movement of a human ability to perform a delicate manuver by hands and arms.

With a touch of machine learning and development within processing data, using it for learning by doing. Feed "it" the already finished data and algorithms, then let it harvest, at the same time continue to feed it.

Not lagging or a robot dance like C3-PO, but gently and accurate.
A machine learning device, memorising every movement with what is being implemented as Pre used learning algorithms and abilities, and learning by doing, collecting data, processing and with the goal being familiar with any possible environment and any type of tasks associated with the particularly field of industry.

Let’s put it this way, for every industry there is a limited number of task available of doing it. If you take one industry for an example the painting industry, there is just in so many ways of doing a paint job or so many ways of doing maintenance, and you have a certain number of buildings that are either built or is going to be built. Put all of these equations or objectives (what ever you like to call them) and you will see that the number in which way things can be done by a task is limited. So by this you can count the number of existing tasks, methods, buildings, environments, with sub categories within in each main factor. With this information gathered, processed and implemented to a working device, with accurate body movement, you are in theory able to perform with one device that knows as much like hundreds of different roles and skills in a whole industry. Because you know the number of a limited industry, there is a ending number to it, therefore it has to be limited, looking forward in time you can call it unlimited, because we can not foresee what will be a adding equation to a limited number of methods, etc. in any industry.