iOS 11 For iPad That Will Make It More Pro & More Productive

iOS 11 For iPad Will Increase The Productivity

iOS 11 For iPad That Will Make It More Pro & More Productive: Apple is finally making their iPad more productive than ever with the introduction of new iOS 11, Apple announces iOS 11 in two phase one for mobile device and other for their iPad. iOS 11 for iPad has more capability than ever before and only because of this, we could rethink iPad as a replacement for Notebooks. Apple rethinks their iOS from the ground up to making iOS 11 as this update has groundbreaking feature for iPad like Drag and Drop, Dock and more which we will discuss here.

Apple also gives power to developers as they can build an app for iPad having iOS 11, as newer iPad Pro has more computing power than previous gen. So Pro apps can get the benefit of this new feature. Now without further ado, let’s get started.

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iOS 11 Usability And Features In iPad That Make It More Pro

1. The Dock

The dock is one of productive thing in macOS coming from the year, the earlier iOS dock had capabilities to store 4–5 apps and did not appear inside the app. Now in iOS 11, you can use dock within apps by simply swiping up while in you any apps. iOS 11 dock is becoming prodigious as now you can have many apps which you want on the dock 5, 10 or 15 without any problem, on the right side, it has the predictive area so the app you used recently will be placed on dock while if you are using continuity feature you can see that the app is within the dock. The app in dock opens faster than ever without having much loading time which is really amazing.

The dock is the most requested feature of iOS for iPad since years so Apple finally made iPad more immersive than ever. Users are already loving this feature in iOS 11 by using the developer beta.

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2. Multitasking

Apple came too far for making iPad a multitasking device by including Split view so user can use two app side by without any issue, now Apple has made multitasking more immersive as from Dock you can simply pick up app and place where ever you want with slide overview while you can simply return full-screen app by swiping, you can also use split view just as the previous version of iOS.

3. New App Switcher

New App Switch is really made for multitasking you can get in App Switch simply sliding your finger from the bottom just like control center, four fingers swipe up feature also works. Apple has adjusted control center within the app switcher so you can control all the settings and app you want in one simple area. You can edit control center button or add more button you want.

The main feature of new App Switcher is that it remembers your split screen app as you have left the app, as earlier when you used to press the home button, the app you were using in split view detach and single window used to appear, App switcher remembers your split view apps.

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4. Drag and Drop

One of the most interesting features of iOS 11 is drag and drop. People has requested this feature so many times and Apple finally worked on it, you can now drag and drop anything you want just like macOS, if you want to place an image from one app to another now you can simply drag and drop, if you want a text, links, images and much more you can use this feature, You can also multi-select and multi-drop. People were already excited about this feature since Apple announced and they had a fancy to use this feature on their iPad.

5. QuickType

Now you can type number, symbol, and word from the same keyboard without having to switch to number and symbol, you can now simply swipe down for number and symbol and you can simply press for words.

6. Files

Apple finally made their own file manager app now you can store anything you want right within the files app, while you can also add your online drives like Google Drive, Box, Adobe Creative Cloud and much more. So now so many apps are not needed for an online drive and you simply see your data at one place. Apple has made this app much powerful as you can search your files, tag them, list view them, make favorite and much more. This app is also available for iPhone which is much more satisfactory.

7. Apple Pencil Upgrade

  • Notes App: Your Apple Pencil now receives more upgrade than ever before, you can simply tap on the lock screen and start making notes. You can also use inline drawing in between like, you can create graphs and charts you want. Apple also integrated deep learning right within the app so you can search any of your handwritten note within search. Note app now introduces scanning feature so, you can use your Apple Pencil doing signature and many other kinds of stuff.
  • Markup Feature: Now you can make the markup on your screenshots as you take a screenshot you can see a little dialog box appearing which shows you screen shots, just simply press the box and start doing markup.
  • You can now do markup any app you want to like Safari also introduces markup feature and you can send those markup where ever you want. You can also make the inline drawing in the Mail app.

So these are the best features for iOS 11 in iPad Pro, you’ll definitely love this feature too when you will get your hand on it. Talking about compatibility iOS 11 will be available for iPad Air and above. Hope you may like this content and we wish to see you again, stay connected.

Originally published at on June 10, 2017.