Soon You May Use “Ok Google” On Your Apple Device

Soon You May Use “Ok Google” On Your Apple Device: Google Assistant is seen to expand its availability on the various device as it is running on many Android smartphones, Google Home, and Allo after it was initially debuted on the Google Pixel. Now Google’s plan to launch Google Assistant on iOS is another major expansion of the company as Google Assistant will soon be available for iOS as a standalone app, according to the report of Android Police.

“Google Assistant” App Is Rumored To Launch In iOS Soon

At the time of launch, the Google Assistant for iOS will available in the US only. The announcement will possibly at Google I/O conference this week which will probably be a great place to announce such thing. The Google Assistant in iOS may have a different style in comparison to other devices in which it is present.

However, the voice control of the Assistant will be same in the iOS version as it is found in Android but chat-style in iOS version will be of that type which is present in Allo messaging app. Other specifications of Assistant in iOS remains unclear at this time.

It is a great idea to integrate the Assistant to world’s second largest mobile OS as it would likely attract more developers to integrate with the app’s functionality. The availability of Google Assistant in iPhone and iPad will increase the users of the AI and hopefully be enjoyed by the users.

Originally published at on May 16, 2017.

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