How to: Transfer Domain From to

Simple flow of transferring domains between Domain Name Registrar.

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2 min readOct 5, 2020


Is your domain expired soon? Transferring domain from to is easy. Let’s try together.


Step 1. Disable Domain Lock

Step 2. Copy the transfer code

Step 3. Visit
Enter domain name and paste the auth code.

Step 4. Pay with credit card / Paypal / Bitcoin.

Payment successful!

Usually, the process of domain transfer will cost around 5 days. Some of the registrar such as can allow domain transfer immediately (~5Minutes). Just one step more.

Step 5. Back to, and click “Transfer Now”.

Why I like

After transferred to,

  • Whois privacy is auto confirmed;
  • All name server is also transferred from old registrar;
  • The Expire Date extended as well, for example:
    My domain is expiring on 10 Oct 20,
    I renewed the domain on 05 Oct 20,
    And Porkbun help me to extend it to 10 Oct 21;
  • The price is affordable and fair;
  • The interface is easy to use.

Thanks for reading, hope help :) 👏

Disclaimer: I have no relationship with Porkbun & (2020.10.5)



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