Tech Career Change Community Resources for your transition into tech!

A compilation of resources for tech career changers! We are a community for all who are looking to break into tech and consider it an alternative career.

Ben Cheung
Tech Career North
3 min readJan 14, 2023


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Tech career changers, boot campers, self-taught individuals, & prospective second-degree students, explore our curated resources to break into the tech industry. Explore resources about computer science programs, and unconventional paths & join our supportive community to achieve your career goals.

You are not alone.

Join our inclusive community for all who are looking to break into tech and consider it as an alternative career.
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Who are we?

Starting in the last week of December 2022, we are a community for all those looking to break into tech and consider it an alternative career.

We are open to all: bootcampers, individuals with a second degree in tech, prospective changers, transitioning to any tech role, ui/ux/design, or interested in tech job as an alternative career path. Together, we will level up through events, career advice, and mentorship.

This article is a summary of our most important resources for those that are currently looking to transition to tech.

Why are you compiling these resources?

Having been at the crossroads in 2019 when deciding our own tech career change journey, both Eric and I have noticed the limited amount of resources available and limited support for individuals going down this tech career change route. We struggled to find community and resources, but at the time, there was no focused and dedicated space for individuals like us — we were scattered across many larger communities in the tech space and left to browse for hours on end on Reddit to find answers.

We decided to carve out a space for us tech career changers and provide many resources to help those have a smoother, less stressful transition!

Community Resources

Let’s dive into our resources!

Our focus is to provide resources and a community dedicated to those interested in transitioning to tech, are in the process, or already have. We are currently building a variety of resources for anyone looking / interested in transitioning to tech!

Tech Career Change Notion: You can find all our resources on this centralized Notion page. It is compiled by our Tech Career Change Discord.

Tech Career Change Discord: We are aiming to be the number one Discord community for all tech career changers! We have individuals from a variety of backgrounds ranging from those who have successfully transitioned to those looking to transition in a variety of fields. Come join to scale up your skills alongside peers taking a similar route. We run numerous events and cater resources to our community! Discord:

Career Change Programs A career change program comparison table that shows a lot of information pertaining to second-degree programs in CS. It currently only covers NA but we are working on supporting other regions!

Bootcamps Comparison Table A curated list of boot camps in NA targeted towards individuals that are considering taking a boot camp/diploma route. Bootcamps usually support full-time or part-time and are offered as remote or in-person.

Early Career Student Programs A curated list of early career student programs targeted toward students in the 1st/2nd year of their Bachelor’s degree. As a second-degree student, you are also eligible for these programs.

Tech Internships/New Grad Job Search Handbook A compilation of the job search experience, process, and opinions for securing tech internships/co-ops. New grad follows a similar process. Some parts of the process are applicable to non-technical positions.

Resources in the works!

  • Professional development events
  • A variety of aggregated recommended resources for career change programs, self-learning resources, professional growth, and more.
  • Incredible events/panel sessions of alumni / successful career changers.

Interested? Come join us! ✨

We are open to everyone. Our resources have a lot of overlap with other communities, but we are welcome to everyone.



Tech Career Change Notion:

Hope to see you there!