Bus-ma’s a bitch!

A lesson in which we analyze the greater ramifications of the resulting momentum caused by the initial action of throwing others under the bus

Little Timmy: “Doctor, why do some founders throw other people under the bus?”

Doctor Startup: “Why Timmy, have you noticed this recently?”

Little Timmy: *nods*

Doctor Startup: “Well, it’s a complicated phenomena, actually… and it brings us to today’s Startup Lesson with Doctor Startup!”

Studio Audience, chanting together: “Does throwing people under the bus provide momentum?”

Doctor Startup: “Exactly! Why is it that some entrepreneurs seem to get ahead by throwing others under the bus?”

[Doctor pulls out a giant poster-chart, seemingly from nowhere]

Doctor Startup: “There are some who posit that the force of throwing people under the bus provides an upward thrust, a positive momentum on the Fame + Fortune Axis, as you can see here:”

Little Timmy: “Wow, look at how far they got!”

Doctor Startup: “Yes, Timmy! It would seem that this asshole-projectile is getting ahead. However, as we can see from this diagram:

[Doctor flips the giant-poster over with a dramatic gesture, Studio Audience gasps]

Doctor Startup: “If you follow this momentum on the Time + Opinion Axis, the momentum actually arcs… eventually speeding at the same velocity, or faster, in a downward direction.”

Little Timmy: “Wow, Doctor Startup! I guess that’s why they say karma’s a bitch.”

Doctor Startup: “Or in this case, it’s BUS-ma!”

[Studio Audience laughs, standing ovation follows]

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