Journalists: Bloggers With Pants

“A Senate panel working on laws to protect the media has agreed on an official definition of a journalist. The new official definition of a journalist is a blogger wearing pants.” –Conan O’Brien

Illustration done for ‘Social Media Marketing 4 Business’ in June of last year.
The following excerpt is taken from ‘Social Media Marketing 4 Business:’

Newspapers everywhere are shrinking and dying.

Pressure from social media and internet offerings has forced existing news companies to explore hybrid content approaches that many journalists see as a threat to integrity. Two popular “blended” content approaches blur the lines between journalism vs. blogging and journalism vs. advertising:

  1. Contributed Content, and
  2. Native Advertising or Branded Content.

These blended approaches also neatly address the pending crisis in content marketing brought about by Content Shock, the overwhelming amount of content available and the Post-Like era of social media, where social platforms make it harder for organizations to reach customers without paying for access. Organizations who can afford it, can use these techniques to reach an audience saturated with content, who are no longer easy to reach out to on social media.

The article then goes on to discuss the issues of ‘blended’ media like contributed content and native advertising. To read more, visit
(I really love this illustration.)
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