Stop selfie shaming, I’m just socially savvy

So there.

I’m tired of hearing people selfie shame.

If you wanna take a photo of yourself, go ahead. Heck, you’re likely ahead of the game.

What these haters don’t understand is that social media pull is becoming a commodity, often a paid commodity. And selfies draw like nothing else…

Four Instagram images without a selfie, and their scores

The first group of Instagram images are my non-selfies.

The second group are some of my scores for selfies…

In case I was biased in selection, I tallied the last 45 Instagram images and tested the differences with a t-test (significant at 0.05!)

Non-selfies: 48 likes, 2 comments on average

Selfies: 72 likes, 4 comments on average

Both likes and engagement were higher on images I took of myself. This study is hardly rigorous or complete (does this hold true for men?) but I’ve found what works for me.

I’ll damn well selfie if I wanna.

…and maybe you should consider it, too.

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