What Type of Product Hunter Are You?

From The Craft marketing newsletter, by Nichole Elizabeth DeMeré, Violeta Nedkova, and I.

The 11 Types of Product Hunters

You’ve seen them around — the geeky guys and gals, who can’t wait to tell you about the latest cool tech they found. It’s a certain compulsion in the tech industry, and it’s such a relief that Product Hunt exists.

Because it’s such a pervasive community in the tech world, we decided to talk to some Product Hunters and see how they hunted their products. We managed to pick the brains of over 100 active hunters.

To make it fun, we came up with 11 personas. Which one are you? Leave a comment to let us know!

The Hometown Hero

Everybody loves the hometown hero.

They take something proudly made in their area of residence (or birth) and they display it for the world to see and marvel at. They are proud of their origins and want more people from their place of birth to succeed.

The Jester

The jester can’t stay serious for one minute. They hunt anything that tickles their humor muscle, like @rrhoover.

I mean, just look at the silliness in this collection. Don’t you love it? The Jesters are necessary because we get so beaten down and exhausted sometimes, but they remind us we gotta have some fun, too.

The Gearhead

They’re all about gadgets. Hey, did you hear about the latest headset for VR? OMG, is that a HOVERBOARD. They are obsessed with anything shiny and groundbreaking. After all, what is the fun of “the best new products every day” if there isn’t a visible progress we’re making?

The Gearhead knows what progress and innovation are, and they bring it to Product Hunt as a tribute to human genius.

The Do-Gooder

The world needs more do-gooders and thank GodProduct Hunt has them. They are the people who hunt charity projects and answer people’s requests. If they see something good in your product, their altruistic nature will awaken, and they will help you shout your message to the world.

The good you do today will be forgotten tomorrow.
Do good anyway.

The Communigator

The communigator is a community junkie. They go from community to community, collecting the most tasty products and hunt them. Whether they use reddit and Hacker News or they turn to more niche communities like the ones on Slack or meetup.com, they are always ready to pounce on the latest product announcement or help out a fellow community member with their new launch. They are the glue that holds us all together.

The Gatherer

The Gatherer is not so interested in hunting as they are in curating unique collections of products. They see a pattern and use their super curating skills to come out with a killer collection, which more often than not gets featured by Product Hunt.


Some hunters can’t help themselves — they just have to get to the bottom of something, and when they see a product that solves a problem, it’s like Christmas! Not every product needs to solve a problem, but Sherlock is never happier than when they crack a problem open, and solve it.

The Hot-Right-Now

So what’s the latest cool thing? Live-streaming? Virtual reality? Oh, wait, that was last month! Well, the Hot-Right-Now is the one to ask. They not only know what’s hot right now, but they’re already using it. Then they hunt it so others can use it, which creates a sort of chain reaction where what’s hot right now becomes even hotter, until it burns everything. EEK.

Hunter 2.0

There are hunters and there are Hunters 2.0. While the former looks for anything new and cool, , the Hunter 2.0 is all about the updates.

Did Pinterest just improve their advertising? Did Mattermark just release a new version of their app? Yep, they did. The world is better with updates. (Although depends on whom you ask.)


Sometimes it’s all about the type of product. Gaming junkies will be all about the games. Sports fans will hunt sporting apps. Foodies will hunt food apps (unless they’re like me and ‘it just happened’). And so on.

The advantage there is that they cater to a particular audience, so if your favorite hunter posts something tomorrow, you’ll probably have an idea of what the product will be about. And that’s awesome!

The Taste-Tester

You know how in the past kings and queens would make their slaves taste something before they do, so if it’s poison, they don’t die? Oh wait, maybe that’s not the best example…

So a Taste Tester on Product Hunt would always — no exceptions — try the product before they hunt it. It makes sense, of course, how can you recommend something without knowing it’s absolutely brilliant? Well, not everyone does that, but we’re not judging.

Which hunter are you? Did we miss anyone?

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