Your product is not the sum of its features

When my Dad asked me to do a Doodle for his book Service Innovation, he wanted something that would sum up how a new service is developed.

(and he wanted it in 90 minutes)

I’d of course read his book and was familiar with his and his coauthors’ theories regarding how service drives the economy and how service innovation can be agile just as product development.

So I thought back to recent services that I’d had.

And the first thing that came to mind was Allegiant Airlines. They have a shitty product, not going to lie. Their safety record is under scrutiny, they charge for every amenity individually, their staff borders on rude — and yet I was always happy with their service.

Why? Because their cheap flights to and from Florida meant that I could take a weekend and fly up to see my parents, even on my meager budget.

So while you’re designing your company’s services, keep Allegiant in mind: what is it that’s driving your customer to return, again and again? Chances are, it’s not a feature — it’s how you make them feel.