Put An End To Police Brutality

African American men, women and children fear for their lives because of their race

What is the social issue?

Right now there is a lot of issues with the violence acted by the ones who took an oath and swore to protect us. The injustice of how the police are treating citizens with racist mindset. As a result there’s a loot of conflict between the police and the people. When the police should be protecting us, they’re making the citizens scared by their actions these recent months. Some citizens decide to take matters into their own hands by taking lives of police officers. Two wrongs don’t make it right, so we should find a way to stop this from keep on happening because there wasn’t only one event that had happen but multiple event.

What are the existing solutions?

We should be more strict on gun control and punish police who are not doing what they suppose to do. We should stand up for those who are innocent and got life taken away from them. Instead of trying to cover up the events, we should bring it out and solve it, and better than trying to avoid it and act like nothing happen we should confront it and face it together because when someone dies by the hand of the police we, as a community, are all affected.If we able to control a person’s rage then it will be better for us as we try to keep the peace between the police and citizens. After all they are there to protect us not to scare us.

Who Is Affected By It?

Innocent people who didn’t do anything wrong got killed by the police based on the color of their skin. This mostly because of the stereotype police have on people such as how they view blacks as a creator of all hideous events.

What More Needs To Be Done?

Gun should be used only for self-defense, not just using it because the polices think that the person is doing something awful when they have nothing to prove if it’s right or not.