The GoPro HERO5 Black

My brothers and I are adrenaline junkies who got into recording vlogs where we do stunts and tricks on video.

At first we thought we could just record with our phones and of course, that wasn’t a good idea. We were collectively showing our phones to the B&H salesman, Brian, who winced at our cracked screens and couldn’t believe that they still worked. He recommended we take home the GoPro Hero5 Black. And, since then, we have saved so much money on replacement Apple iPhones.

The body on this thing is super tough, and the front lens cap is interchangeable. The front display shows you the speed you’re recording at, how much space is left on your card, and the battery life. You can pop it off and put a new one on if you somehow damage it. It shoots 4K video at 30 frames per second, and it can shoot between 480 and 1080p, and do slow motion and ultra slow motion.

The Hero 5 charges with a USB Type-C cable and has a replaceable battery. With all the features activated, the GoPro Hero 5 will record for less than 45 minutes, with everything else off, it’s around two hours. There’s a super simple, one-touch recording feature that with a press of the shutter button will start recording, and with another press, get it to stop recording.

If you’re into pod-racing the Hero5 attaches to a Karma drone. If you do shots where you’re bouncing around there’s also image stabilization where the Hero5 will smooth out your shaky clips. If you’re into doing water shots, the Hero5 is waterproof up to 30' ( 10 meters), but you can also pickup an underwater case for diving. However, if the screen is wet, it won’t display.

If you want to preview your shots or change the settings there’s a 2" LCD, full-color touch screen on the back. When it comes to recording audio, the Hero 5 has 3 built-in microphones, and the internal system processes the environment you’re recording in a self-selects the best microphone to use.

It also has a voice command feature you can activate where you tell the camera, “Hero 5, start/stop recording.” And we were able to do it at the distance of about a hockey court. That feature gets a little trickier if you’re recording in a crowded spot.

Through B&H’s live chat I learned the Hero 5 has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. It can connect to your smartphone, and there’s a whole load of downloadable apps for camera control, adding additional settings to your GoPro, video editing, and more. If you have an Apple Watch there’s a GoPro app for that too! The Hero5 can also be used as a camera to take 12-megapixel photos. There’s also a burst lapse mode, and night lapse mode.

It’s been six months since we purchased this piece of equipment and we’re very satisfied. I’m heading back to B&H now so I can buy a Joby GorillaPod so we can try mounted shots.

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