iOS Game Spotlight: Phoenix 2

Some games just have it.

They just have something to keep you coming back.

As a gamer for most of my life I have seen many stages of gaming and seen the trends change, evolve and revolve.

With the power inside of mobile devices today, we can play beautiful and innovative games that take you somewhere you have never been as a gamer.

While there are many great games we can talk about, today we will focus on a form that has been around and comes back time and time again.

Arcade “Shoot Em’ up” games are nothing new. Space Invaders, R-Type, and Radiant Silvergun are a stable of this style. They are known for being action packed, difficult, gorgeous and did I mention difficult.

…Like counter smashing difficult.

Phoenix 2, for iOS, brings this style of gaming to your mobile device in the best rendition I have come across to date.

Is it gorgeous.

The graphics are buttery smooth and the soundtrack is top notch.

What is slightly different about this one is instead of a never ending arcade style or the long winded campaign there is instead one singular daily mission.

This mission spans 20 waves and gets exponentially more difficult.

Each wave, or Act, will add new enemies to defeat with different shooting patterns and annoyances to hopefully make you smash the counter instead of chucking your phone.

The other big difference, is there is no in game power ups.

Instead you have an array of ships to choose from. Every so often you get aWarp Gate. Chance of getting a new ship.

Each ship has 3 things.

  • A Weapon (Different for every ship and each one is made for a different style of enemy.)
  • A Special (Ranges from slow downs, extra turrets, to EMP blasts.)
  • A Zen Mode (A powerful second ability where you have to stay still until it charges.)

These 3 things can be upgraded with credits which you earn by completing waves in a mission. Though you only get awarded them once until you pass the last wave you completed.

Example: You get to wave 10 on first try and earn X credits. You play again and get to wave 8 and will receive no credits. You play a third time and get to wave 12. This time you get awarded X credits.

Here is where we see the strategy and replay-ability. Each day you have something new to experience and the more you play the more ships you unlock to hopefully get farther than your last attempt.

You can buy additional credits with real money of course. Welcome to 2016!

There is a community or “Team” you can create at the cost of credits and this enables you to get a second daily mission that you and everyone in your community can play.

All in all this game is amazing. The controls are very intuitive. The graphics are amazing. The ship collecting is vast and of course there is a level system with badges.

Who doesn’t like badges? Am I right?

Most importantly, for an Arcade Shoot Em’ Up, it is very difficult and will drive you crazy until you figure out each enemies moves and patterns.

I love seeing retro styled games making a come back on mobile and adding modern features we know and love.

Go download this game now and let me know what you think.

That is all for now.

Stay tuned for my next iOS Game Spotlight. Until then, keep on playing.