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I am an IT Security Professional with an interest in IT Security as it links directly with the human psyche and looking at bridging the gap between the corporate and the entrepreneurial world.

I am fascinated by viewing IT Security from the lens of psychology and believe the future of preemptive measures lies in the intersection of psychology and Security.

I also explore human psychology and the reasons behind why we do what we do and how we can take control over our monkey brain at Life Mastery Coach.

About this Publication

I have started writing about IT Security and other tech related subjects in my blog techimpossible.com which I’ve moved around quite a bit. It went from Wordpress to Squarespace to Github Pages and finally ended up in Medium.

I’ve spend way too much time tinkering with the site than writing. In Medium I can just write.

I will be writing about Cyber Security, Digital Privacy, Coding, Expirements and anything technology related.

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Practise Makes Progress

Peter Skaronis

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Husband, father, Strategic Intervention Coach, blogger and techie. You can find me at https://www.lifemasterycoach.co and https://www.coach.me/lifemasterycoach


Practise Makes Progress