Mr. Robot’s Hacking Tools

There is nothing more exciting than a TV Show that uses actual Security tools as these are used today in real life.

I knew there was something different about this show, as soon as I read Anonymous Content in the credits.

Mr. Robot is amazing.

The best TV Shows are the ones where the plot and the scenario is built around real facts. There is a kernel of truth and that blurs the lines of reality and fiction like in Fringe.

One of the tools that is being used in the show is a new encrypted email service called Protonmail.

It is based in Switzerland, outside of EU and US jurisdiction and the private encryption keys stay with the user.

I haven’t felt this excited about an email service since Gmail came out in 2006 and was first signing up.

I’ve made a quick list of the other tools used so far in the TV Show as described in WIRED.


  1. Raspberry Pi
  2. Protonmail
  3. Tastic RFID Thief
  4. RSA SecurID
  5. Kali Linux
  6. John the Ripper
  7. Metasploit and Meterpreter
  8. Social-Engineer Toolkit
  9. FlexiSPY

NOTICE: Apart from Protonmail and Raspberry Pi, everything else on this list, requires some level of knowledge and understanding, They are not toys.

Source: A Peek Inside Mr. Robot’s Toolbox | WIRED