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0709 Weekly Funding News

KK Group (KK集团), a 6-year-old, Guangdong-based, chain of selected brands with a collection of major domestic imports, advocating a world lifestyle, raised $300 million in new round of funding round, led by JD.

Citycloud (城云科技), a 9-year-old, Hangzhou-based, technology-driven urban big data enterprise, raised 1 billion yuan ($154+ million) in Round D funding round, backed by Yuexiu Financial Holdings, Hangzhou Hi-tech Investment, Hangzhou Gaoxin Venture Capital, Jiashan County State-owned Assets Investment and JG Investment.

Hefumian (和府捞面), a 9-year-old, Jiangsu-based, Chinese-style pasta direct-operated chain catering brand, raised 800 million yuan ($123+ million) in Round E funding round, led by CMC Capital, followed by Zhongwei Capital, Tencent Investment and Longfor Capital.

Synyi (森亿智能), a 5-year-old, Shanghai-based, total solution provider for smart hospitals, raised 500 million yuan ($77+ million) in Round E funding round, led by IDG Capital, followed by Dragon Gate Investment Partners and Sharewin Capital.

Maycur (每刻科技), a 6-year-old, Hangzhou-based, enterprise travel and expense management SaaS platform, raised 200 million ($30+ million) in Round B++ funding round, led by CMC Capital.

G+ (积加), a 9-year-old, Shenzhen-based, cross-border e-commerce digital management solution SaaS service provider, raised 180 million ($27+ million) in Round A funding round, led by Seas Capital, followed by eGarden Ventures, Harvest Investment, Hony Capital, Z Capital, Yunqi Partners and Zhuopu Capital.

Tooklink (牙领科技), a 4-year-old, Shenzhen-based, invisible correction solution provider, raised $20 million in Round A funding round, led by Sequoia Capital China.



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