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Didi debuts first customizable e-hailing D1 Model

Recently, Didi announced the world’s first customized online car D1, jointly designed and developed by BYD, which will be put into operation in Changsha city of Hunan province around the end of December.

D1 is a “remote control” online car-hailing. Passengers can use the Didi app to adjust the temperature and air volume of the air conditioning in the car before getting in the vehicle.

When passengers call D1, the platform will distribute a rainbow color to match the driving car. The “Rainbow driving lights” makes it easier for passengers to find a car. The single-sided electric sliding door of D1 makes getting on and off the vehicle a better experience.

Based on the driver and passenger needs and travel data of the Didi platform in Shanghai, D1 has been customized using data from human-computer interaction, driver and passenger experience, and the Internet of Vehicles. It is specifically designed for the shared travel scenarios and adopts a payment per kilometer instead of a whole Car payment model.

Wei Cheng, founder, and CEO of Didi said that share riding is the best solution for future travel.

In the next ten years, the travel sharing rate in China and even the world can increase from 3% to 30%. It will be a trend to purchase services instead of purchasing tools in the future.

Wei Cheng predicts that by 2025, there will be over 1 million shared cars equipped with autonomous driving on the Didi platform, all equipped with the Didi self-developed autonomous driving modules. By the year 2030, the prospect of achieving fully autonomous driving is very possible.

Half a month ago, Didi announced that its monthly active users in China exceeded 400 million. In the past five years, Didi has carried over 10 billion passengers annually. Before the Chinese National Day holiday this year, Didi set a record of providing 60 million trips of services to the world in a single day.




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