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DJI new models T10 / T30 launched for agriculture drone solutions

On November 9, DJI released two new agricultural plant protection drones, T10 and T30.

The flagship model T30 emphasizes performance, with an operating efficiency of up to 240 acres per hour, and the package price of $8,293 USD; the T10 mainly focuses on cost-effectiveness, targeting small southern plots, small, and medium farmers with the package price of $5,277 USD.

The plant protection drone is an unmanned aircraft used for agricultural, forestry, and plant protection operations. It can spray chemicals, seeds, powders, etc. through an on-the-ground remote control or navigation flight control.

In the past, these tasks have been done manually on the ground, with low efficiency. DJI claims that by spraying with the new drone, the efficiency can be increased by about 50 times. According to the data disclosed by DJI, the sales volume of agricultural plant protection machines in DJI this year exceeded 40,000 units, and the total number of agricultural plant protection machines in the country was about 75,000 units. The number of operations per Mu reached 500 million. The sales and operations per Mu (Chinese unit of area) were twice those of last year. In the Heilongjiang rice market, the coverage rate of DJI agricultural machinery has exceeded 60%. Of the arable land in China, 30% is suitable for plant protection operations using drones, but only 10% is covered currently. In overseas markets, the number of channels and sales of DJI Agricultural Machinery has also doubled. In Japan, where the coverage of unmanned agricultural machinery is relatively high, the market share of DJI agricultural machinery has reached 60%-70%.




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