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“Huami Amazfit Smartwatches” redefines efficiency with lower cost

Not long ago, Huami officially released the Amazfit Pop smartwatch priced at only $52.5. Huami has brought various health monitoring components based on the price range of $45, such as BioTracker™ 2 PPG high-precision biological tracking optics sensors, provides blood oxygen engine, sleep engine, and other AI biological engines.

The Huami Amazfit Pop smartwatch uses a more classic square dial, offering three colors of cherry pink, pine green, and charcoal black. The strap is made of soft skin-tight material and supports quick release. The total weight of the entire device is only 31 grams.

Comparatively, Huawei Band 4 weighs 24 grams with the strap, and Huawei Band B6 weighs 28.9 grams without the strap.

The watch’s main body is a 1.43-inch high-definition display screen with a resolution of 320×302 and a PPI pixel density of up to 305. The display effect is quite delicate and has exceeded the Retina standard defined by Apple.

The current smartwatch market is showing a clear polarization. Products like Apple Watch have beautiful designs and comprehensive functions.

They have everything they need for exercise monitoring, heart rate, and blood oxygen monitoring, but they are expensive. The Huami Amazfit Pop smartwatch is a challenge to the current market situation. It proves that cheap smartwatches can also provide comprehensive and professional health and sports functions.



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