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Huawei Mate 40 Pro is proposed to deployed “Hidden Face Recognition Feature”

This week, Huawei latest model, with plans to release in October 2020, the Mate 40 Pro was leaked onto the internet.

The main feature of this new product, in addition to the 108MP main camera, is its hidden facial recognition function — Hidden Face ID sensors.

In addition, the screen refresh rate of Mate 40 Pro may be 90Hz, with the same resolution rates as the P40 Pro, 1200P resolution.

Looking at its core configuration, the Mate 40 series will debut with a new generation of Kirin flagship processor. This chip is claimed to be built on the 5nm process and will be delivered September.

Without any interference, Mate 40 series will debut this September or October, and is definitely a new device worth looking forward to.

According to IDC, Worldwide smartphone vendors shipped a total of 275.1 million units during the first quarter of 2020 (2020Q1), with a visible 11.9% decline of year-over-year when compared to the first quarter of 2019, which houses 312.3 million units shipped, making it the largest annual decline to date.

Huawei maintained its top position in China and ranks second place behind Samsung, holding onto 17.8% of the global smartphone market despite its year-over-year decline of 17.1% in shipments in Q1’20.




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