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IDC: DingTalk takes lead in China’s cloud solutions market

After a six-month period, IDC launched a special evaluation study for Chinese enterprise team collaboration cloud vendors, and officially released the “IDC MarketScape: Chinese Enterprise Team Collaboration Cloud 2021 & Vendor Evaluation” report this week.

This is the first enterprise collaboration cloud vendor quadrant report released by IDC. A total of 7 vendors have been selected, and Alibaba Cloud DingTalk is in the leader quadrant.

The report pointed out that DingTalk is in the first camp in terms of two major evaluation indicators: product capability and strategy.

In the strategic dimension, DingTalk is far ahead in the lead. After the implementation of Alibaba’s “Cloud and Nail Integration” strategy, DingTalk’s strategy had been upgraded to an enterprise-level collaborative office and application development platform. It connects to IT infrastructure, connects to enterprise business applications, and uses low-code capabilities to enable enterprise applications in the Alibaba Cloud intelligent system, making developments much simpler.

IDC report pointed out that DingTalk has formed obvious market scale and ecological advantages in the field of enterprise collaboration cloud. As of December 31, 2020, DingTalk had over 400 million registered users and over 17 million corporate organizations.

At the ecological level, Alibaba has in-depth layouts in retail, finance, real estate, medical, and other industries. DingTalk can easily develop customers in related industries, and DingTalk has also accelerated Alibaba’s deep cultivation in these industries.

Based on this research, IDC made a summary of the current situation in China: firstly, the COVID-19 situation has brought new opportunities for enterprise collaboration cloud products; second, free products are still the mainstream, but customers’ willingness to pay has already emerged; third, local products occupy the largest share of the market space.

At present, the market penetration rate of enterprise collaboration cloud products has already been remarkably high, and it has become a battleground for mainstream manufacturers in recent years. Since 2020, enterprise collaboration software has become a rigid demand for governments, enterprises, and schools, showing explosive growth effects on the scale of the market.

IDC data shows that the market size of China’s public cloud enterprise team collaboration software was expected to exceed $100 million USD in 2020. The market size will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 34.3% in the next five years. It is expected that the market size will reach $280 million USD in 2024.




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