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Kuaishou forms partnership with VATTI to deepen brand awareness

On March 10, the Kuaishou X Vantage 2021 strategic cooperation conference with the theme of “Creating Passionate Love” was held in Beijing 798 Artistic Park.

The two parties announced another strategic cooperation: VATTI’s products are pre-installed with Kuaishou App, an annual series of marketing cooperation and creative gameplay are launched, and new models of brand upgrades and new user interaction scenarios are jointly explored; Kuaishou and VATTI’s emotional propositions of “true”, “warmth” and “beauty”.

This year, Kuaishou and VATTI will make full use of the advantages of Kuaishou’s content ecology and big data in terms of products, scenes, content, social interaction, etc., to empower the advance and upgrade of the VATTI brand. VATTI was established in 2001.

As a famous brand of kitchen appliances in China, it is mainly engaged in the production and sales of gas appliances, kitchen appliances, and household appliances. Wei Han, senior vice president of VATTI, said, “As a new-generation company, Kuaishou is indeed powerful and has achieved trillions of market value in such a short time. Kuaishou is like an ocean. There are good ecology and beautiful species in the ocean, and we can be viewed as a luxury cruise ship sailing in the ocean that is Kuaishou, or as a whale in that ocean, which makes the ecology more integrated.”

Kuaishou has become a national-level short video platform for users to convey their attitudes to life and express their love.

The two parties can reach a strategic cooperation, which will accelerate the emotional communication between the VATTI brand and the consumers, enhancing the emotional value of the VATTI brand. Kuaishou and VATTI made a lot of cooperation attempts last year and achieved exceptionally good results.

The “Xianle Yunyouji” project attracted nearly 33 million Kuaishou users to watch the live broadcast on the same day, and the “VATTI Hometown Flavor” launched during the National Day holiday period achieved nearly 2.7 billion viewer exposures.




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