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Oppo’s new “3+N+X” strategy is released

Recently, at the OPPO INNO DAY 2020, the company’s CEO Mingyong Chen stated that OPPO will implement the “3+N+X” technology transition strategy.

“3” refers to the three basic technologies of hardware, software, and services;

“N” stands for OPPO’s long-term competence center, including AI, security and privacy, multimedia, interconnection, etc.;

X represents OPPO’s differentiated technologies, including flash charging and imaging Technology, AR, etc.

Compared with Huawei and Xiaomi, OPPO’s expansion from mobile phones to the IoT field is relatively late, and the product layout in terms of hardware needs to be clarified.

Huawei’s “1+8+N” strategy clarifies the layout of N scenarios with mobile phones as the core, PC, tablet, and other eight categories of hardware as supplements.

Xiaomi’s “1+4+X” strategy includes four self-developed core products such as mobile phones, TVs, smart speakers, routers, and notebook computers, and X ecological chain of products.

In recent years, OPPO has continued to increase its R&D investment resources to make up for its shortcomings. In 2019, OPPO invested $1.5 billion USD in developing products, and the total number of R&D team members doubled to 10,000.

At the end of 2019, OPPO announced that it will continue to invest $7.6 billion USD in research and development in the next three years, covering areas such as 5G, AI, cloud computing, hardware underlying technology, and software engineering architecture capabilities including mobile phone operating systems.

Counterpoint announced the global smartphone market share data for the Q3’2020; OPPO shipped 31 million mobile phones in the quarter and gained 8% market share, ranking amongst the top five, showing a great performance with a 26% growth from the previous month.




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