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TCL introduces new AI appliance system “Linxue C12”

This week, TCL released its first series of new products set, the Lingxue C12, a full set of AI appliances, and upgraded the flagship X series of TVs.

The first TCL X12 8K Mini LED Starlight Smart Screen, which is also the new product that is equipped with the TCLOD Zero Mini LED technology for the first time.

According to reports, the TCL C12 Quantum Dot Mini LED Smart Screen uses a Mini LED chip with a diameter of 228 microns, achieving a brightness of 1000 nits and a contrast ratio of 10 million to 1.

The color gamut value of the Quantum Dot Pro reaches 157% and is equipped with a 50-watt super large High-power Onkyo Hi-Fi audio, 5 sound units, 4-inch subwoofer, and speaker volume up to 5L. In addition, the peak music power reaches 150W, supports a 120Hz refresh rate, and MEMC motion stabilization. TCL X12 8K Mini LED Xingyao smart screen, equipped with the third generation Mini LED technology OD Zero.

The TCL X12 Smart Screen carries 96,000 LED chips, 1920 physical partitions in its 9.9mm ultra-thin body, with a brightness of up to 2000nits and a contrast ratio of 10 million:1. It is reported that TCL took the lead of deploying Mini LED TVs as early as May 2018; in 2019, it has already achieved the mass production of the world’s first Mini LED TV X10.

In addition to hardware, TCL also simultaneously launched the smart screen system UI5.0, comprehensively innovating in UI design, system interaction, scene functions, and many other aspects.

On the content side, the UI 5.0 brings thousands of games to the big screen on the 8 major cloud game platforms in the United Nations, and introduces AI fitness, remote classrooms, children’s content, health management, and other service scenarios; on the product side, it reached its first cooperation with Vivo, the smart screen can Simultaneously show Vivo mobile phone calls and message notifications; when the user answers the call, the smart screen will automatically lower the volume to keep the call clear.

TCL said that TCL sold 35.34 million TV sets worldwide in 2020 and will deepen its “AIxIoT” strategy in the future.




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