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Tencent debuts advanced smart robot “Ollie”

This week, Tencent announced the result of its latest research and development in robotics — “Ollie”.

As a new member of Tencent’s family, Ollie has applied many new technologies and is more agile and intelligent than its predecessors.

According to Tencent, the robot is the fruit of the collective of intelligent technologies, involving technologies such as dynamics, cybernetics, and mechanical design. Just to make the robot jump around is an overly complicated process.

Ollie is a forerunner amongst robots, with mechanical design, perception, motion planning and control, and the overall design that results in the integration of these modules, equivalent to the functions of the human torso, eyes, brain, and organ coordination.

With the support of nonlinear control methods, Ollie can complete many complex operations, such as 360° somersaults, high-precision obstacle avoidance, collision resistance, etc. If you equip it with a robotic arm, Ollie can even serve you tea and water.

There is no doubt that in the future, these repetitive tasks with lower technical difficulty and the tasks with higher risks will be dominated and completed by robots. When discussing robots, it is inevitable to consider what would workers do when these jobs are replaced by robots.




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