Top 10 Template Engines for JavaScript

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Today I am going to discuss about Top 10 Template Engines for JavaScript

What is a Template engine?

Template Engines are the tools which help you split the program logic and presentation logic. It also assists in separating both the logics into two independent parts. It is always better to separate your presentation logic from program logic as it enables you to debug the code very easily. In a JavaScript, Template Engines are used when writing for JS clients. In other words, Template Engines helps to surrender HTML.

Why to use Template Engines?

Template Engines makes development fast (no need to access DOM again and again). It also improves flexibility and is easy to maintain. Template Engines also allow the data to change without duplicating the code.

I have performed extensive research and framed a list of top 10 Template Engines for the Java Script.

1. EJS “Embedded JavaScript”

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EJS stands for ‘Embedded JavaScript’ that combines a data and template to produce HTML. It is lightweight, and no need to worry about organizing your stuff it is straight JS. It is easy to debug and provides fast execution. EJS is much similar to ERB template.

Installation: — “npm install ejs”.

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