Ortec Finance Hackathon 2016

The main event

On Friday May 27th 2016, we held our first official Ortec Finance Hackathon. 42 Developers and Engineers gathered at 8.00 on the 16th floor. All participants received a t-shirt, a coffee mug and a stress ball. After a motivational pitch and some delightful singing for our CEO’s, all 12 teams grabbed their project sign and rushed to work. The management team and board members did an informal inspection and found everyone serious, busy, and not in the mood for some chit-chat. Lunch and dinner where also quickly consumed.

The result pitches

On Tuesday May 31st, each team got the opportunity to present their results to the group and the jury. This was a high-paced event without a pause, where each demonstration was capped to 5 minutes. It is only fair to say that the jury’s expectations were exceeded by both the ideas teams came up with and what they had achieved in about a day. The jury then had a difficult task to determine the winners.

The award ceremony

On Friday June 3rd, the Ortec Finance meeting was turned into an award ceremony for the Hackathon. Teams competed in four categories, each representing a Ortec Finance core value. The winners presented their results again, this time to the entire organization.

Award winners

  • Ambition — GLASS Excel API
  • Collaboration — PEARL Template Based Tables
  • Independence — Live Analytics
  • Innovation — OPAL Machine Learning
  • Christmas Award — Hackathon Organization

Hackathon 2016 video impression