Stimulating innovation at Ortec Finance: “Just Do It” Fridays!

Ortec Finance continues to evolve as a company. Gone are the days when we were primarily focused on implementing mathematical models. When it comes to software innovation Ortec Finance has been making great strides recently. Our software developers are all familiar with the latest trends in technology, but at times it has been difficult to integrate these into our products due to a jam-packed loaded development calendar. To overcome this problem, the Real Estate Scrum Team has lately been given a “Just Do It” Friday every other week.

The title itself is telling: just do it! On these Fridays our developers are not handed any specific assignment, but are instead free to decide what problem they like to tackle. As long as it is focused on improving our solutions according to the latest techniques. It is truly a win-win situation. Our solutions benefit from the latest innovative techniques while our developers are challenged to apply their various creative talents. And as our client, you will benefit as well. In a very short time our asset management solution, Ortec Finance AM, has grown more appealing, faster, smarter and easier to use. Read below how.

New appeal

One of the innovations of recent years is Google’s Material Design, a design language that is used in famous apps like Chrome and YouTube. Besides looking much more appealing, it also increases the user-friendliness of an application dramatically, because it is responsive, recognizable and easy to understand.

Figure 1: Difference/contrast between various design techniques

We have wanted to apply Material Design to Ortec Finance AM for some time, but it simply did not fit in our busy development schedule. But now, after only a few “Just Do It” Fridays, it has been accomplished. Ortec Finance AM not only looks a lot better now, but is also much more pleasant to use. While originally not intended as part of the release, our AM clients can now start working with a much improved design.

Figure 2: Impression of Ortec Finance AM


When changing pages, almost all web applications will upload the entire page anew. And in Ortec Finance AM you will frequently change from one page to the next. All this uploading will hurt your computer’s performance, and it is rather annoying to have to wait constantly. Moreover, it is really unnecessary. Recently great strides have been made in the field of so-called single-page apps. Now this technique has also been applied to AM. And with great results! In the past clients sometimes had to wait up to 30 seconds before the complex overview showed results. In our latest AM release all pages are immediately available when navigating between pages. You no longer have to wait!


Reliable data often remains an issue. Even if the data is reliable, it still is a tremendous task to collect everything. And in order to correctly implement AM, a large amount of data is needed: the entire real estate registration must be entered, as well as the WALS set and the complex information. The gathering of complex images can be a tedious affair. But if we know the addresses of all real estate complexes, we can theoretically uses Google Street View to take recent photos of the properties. We are currently in the position to put this theory into practice — the addresses allow us to collect all complex images automatically and connect them. Just do it!